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Coaching at CoronaRita Soccer Club

Coaching at CoronaRita Soccer Club is one of the most rewarding experiences a parent can have. There isn’t a better way to spend some quality time with your child and their friends while introducing the game of soccer to the younger generation!

Here at CoronaRita Soccer Club, we have an excellent staff of professional and recreational coaches. All coaches receive ample opportunities to increase their level of knowledge of the game of soccer as well as coaching principles. If you are considering coaching, but are unsure that you have the necessary skills, please register to coach! Our staff works very diligently to provide practice design, soccer drills and equipment necessary to conduct engaging and beneficial practices while making the games exciting!

If you are a person that enjoys soccer and are looking for a chance to network within the community, consider coaching with CoronaRita Soccer Club. We are a group of community-centered parents focused on improving our children’s understanding and skills of the game of soccer. Our association works very hard to facilitate a family atmosphere and foster friendly competition while maintaining good sportsmanship.

Please sign up for coaching once you register your child.

Coaching: So, What is the commitment?

Practices for our 3-11 divisions occur twice per week and once per week for our 3-4 division. These practices take place at local parks and local schools near you. CoronaRita Soccer Club rents out many local fields to allow enough space to practice.The days for the practices are directed by your schedule. All games are scheduled on Saturdays.. The Fall Season runs from late-August thru early-November. Winter Season is early-January thru mid March. Spring Season is from early April to late May.

Assistant Coach: So, What is the commitment?

Maybe you have circumstances that limit your ability to commit to being a full-time coach.

So What Is The Commitment?

Every great coach has an assistant coach and a team of parents there to back them up. As the Assistant, your primary responsibility is to help the coach run practices, keeping the players focused, and keeping the players engaged on game day! Occasionally, you may be called to run a practice when the coach is unavailable.